Quality & Tradition

• As oenophiles, we remain very selective in the wines we propose to our customers. Our wine passion makes us constantly focus on the quality of wines. At Bordeaux Family Wines, priority is given to fine wines, produced with an authentic vinification method. As a partner to family-owned vineyards and chateaux, Bordeaux Family Wines is willing to actively promote the Bordeaux wine making tradition and savoir-faire.

A Tailor-Made Approach

• At Bordeaux Family Wines, we provide a dedicated service to our customers. We first define with our customers their needs and constraints. Then we suggest wines proposals accompanied with the appropriate samples. Thus we make the choice to follow a tailor-made approach when dealing with customers, unlike to many wine merchants who often propose wines coming only from their own vineyards. This tailor-made approach enables us to provide the best value for money to our customers.

Customers' Focused

• At Bordeaux Family Wines, before considering any wine or Chateau, we focus on customers’ needs in terms of type of wines and appellations. We check with our customers their constraints in terms of taste, grape variety, quantity, price, order frequency…Our priority is to serve customers at best and to put all our efforts to match customers’ needs. As entrepreneurs, we are willing to build long-term relationships with our customers and to accompany them while growing their business.

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