Fine Wines Amateurs


• After various experiences in the Banking industry, the founder of Bordeaux Family Wines decided to create the company to share his passion for wine. His old family roots from the South West of France, attachment to the Bordeaux region and his international background pushed him to launch this entrepreneurial project.


• As oenophile, we are willing to promote the Bordeaux traditions and savoir-faire with people we meet all over the world. For years we have been living in a cosmopolite and multi-cultural environment. We have always been sharing our culture and the French Art of Wine, putting forward the richness and diversity of the wines from Bordeaux and other regions of France.  


• In Bordeaux Family Wines, we are proud to give the best service to our customers with a wide selection from the finest wines and spirits in the world. Our customers will meet entrepreneurs who have a rigorous and flexible wine business approach, having always in mind to look for the best quality wines and spirits according to the demand of the clients' target market.

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